Many major firms have a team dedicated to hiring and monitoring employees, known as HR, or Human Resource Management. When it comes to HR positions, these organizations frequently look for candidates who have received CHRA certification.

What is CHRA?
CHRA, or Certified Human Resource Associate, is a 3-hour assessment testing basic human resource knowledge. The assessment is administered by HREAP, The Human Resource Educators’ Association of the Philippines, Inc.

The assessment consists of two sets. Set 1 covers recruitment and selection, workplace learning and development, compensation and benefits, performance management, job analysis and design, and risk management. Set 2 focuses on labor and HR-related laws. Each set has a passing mark of 50%. While this assessment is highly regarded for HR job applications in distinguished companies, CHRA is not a professional license or civil service eligibility. It simply certifies an individual’s skills in the field of human resources.

Who can take this assessment?

  • Graduates or bachelor’s degree holders in Human Resource or related fields such as BS/AB Psychology, Guidance & Counseling, Organizational Management, Behavioral Science, Public Administration, Legal Management, and Law/Juris Doctor.
  • Graduates of MA Psychology, MBA Major in HR, and MPA Major in Personnel Administration.
  • Any degree holder with at least one year of HR-related working experience.
  • Tertiary faculty staff teaching HR-related subjects or courses.
  • People managers such as Directors, Managers, Supervisors, Department Heads, and Team Leaders with any 4-year degree.

How to take the assessment?

  1. Fill out an online application and wait for confirmation via email.
  2. Pay the assessment examination fee of 1,700 pesos and send the payment receipt along with other requirements.
  3. Wait for confirmation of your slot availability after payment. Once confirmed, you will receive details about the assessment exam, downloadable reviewers, reference materials, and recorded labor law review sessions.

CHRA certification is an important certificate for anyone looking to establish themselves in the field of Human Resource Management. Certified professionals can advance their careers and contribute significantly to the success of their organizations by proving competency in critical HR knowledge areas. As the demand for skilled HR professionals grows, acquiring CHRA certification becomes increasingly important for those who want to succeed in this dynamic and lucrative area.

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