The Fisheries Scholarship Program is an opportunity to obtain a Bachelor of Science degree in Fisheries. This extraordinary opportunity is available to young scholars who aim to realize their dreams of becoming a degree holder in Fisheries.

Why Should You Choose the Fisheries Scholarship Program?

1. Financial Support

The Fisheries Scholarship Program provides substantial financial support for all undergraduate fees involved with obtaining a Bachelor of Science degree in Fisheries. This scholarship covers everything from tuition to book prices and other educational costs, allowing scholars to focus exclusively on their studies without fear of financial limits.

2. Diverse Scholarship Options

With three distinct scholarship options available, the Fisheries Scholarship Program caters to a wide range of applicants:

  • Fisheries Industry Leader Grant (FILG)
  • Fisherfolk Children Educational Grant (FCEG)
  • Indigenous Cultural Communities/Indigenous People (ICCs/IIPs)
  • Each scholarship option is tailored to meet the unique needs and backgrounds of prospective scholars, ensuring inclusivity and accessibility for all.

Benefits of Scholarship

  1. College Expenses Full Coverage
    Scholars joining the Fisheries Scholarship Program do not have to worry about school costs once they receive an opportunity. It guarantees specialists a tuition fee and other school costs, eliminating the financial struggle linked to the opportunity. This enables specialists to focus solely on school and no educational responsibility from financial strain.
  2. Monthly stipend
    Apart from full funding of education, specialists receive 5,000 pesos monthly stipend that supports a specialist living cost and other educational needs . The specialist utilizes this grant appropriately and develop a budget for the five years.
  3. Additional Support Services
    Beyond financial assistance, the Fisheries Scholarship Program provides scholars with a range of additional support services, including:
  • Semestral Book Allowance (2,000 Pesos)
  • On-the-Job Training (OJT) Support (3,000 Pesos)
  • Research/Thesis/Special Problem Support (7,000 Pesos)
  • Graduation Support (1,500 Pesos)
  • These support services aim to enhance the overall academic experience and ensure that scholars have access to resources that facilitate their success.

Application Details. Don’t Miss the Deadline!

Applications close on July 31, 2024, so don’t wait! There’s also a qualifying exam on October 19, 2024. Start studying now to show you’re ready to become a degree holder in Fisheries.

This scholarship is your chance to dive headfirst into a rewarding career in Fisheries.

Apply now and start swimming towards a brighter future!

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