The field of psychology plays a pivotal role in comprehending human behavior, thoughts, and emotions. If you’re aspiring to become a licensed psychologist in the Philippines, the Psychologist Licensure Board Exam is a significant milestone on your journey. This comprehensive guide provides insights into the application process, requirements, exam coverage, and schedule, offering valuable information to help you navigate the path to becoming a qualified psychologist.

Application Process

  1. Educational Eligibility: Candidates must hold a Master’s degree or higher in Psychology from a recognized educational institution.
  2. Submission of Requirements: The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) announces the application period and requirements on their official website. Candidates must submit necessary documents to validate their eligibility.


  1. Transcript of Records: A certified copy of the candidate’s Transcript of Records, confirming completion of a Master’s degree or higher in Psychology.
  2. Accomplished Application Form: Candidates must accurately complete and submit the application form provided by the PRC.
  3. Passport-Sized Photos: Recent passport-sized photos adhering to the specifications outlined by the PRC.
  4. Payment of Fees: Candidates are required to pay the examination and processing fees as determined by the PRC.

Exam Coverage

The Psychologist Licensure Board Exam covers various subjects relevant to the field of psychology, including but not limited to:

  1. Theories of Personality and Abnormal Psychology: Candidates demonstrate their understanding of different personality theories and abnormal psychological conditions.
  2. Psychological Assessment and Testing: This section evaluates candidates’ knowledge of psychological assessment tools and their application.
  3. Psychological Interventions and Therapies: Candidates showcase their understanding of various therapeutic approaches and interventions.
  4. Research Methods and Statistics: This subject assesses candidates’ competence in research design, data analysis, and statistical interpretation.

Exam Schedule

The Psychologist Licensure Board Exam is typically conducted once a year. The exact dates, venues, and application deadlines are communicated through official announcements by the PRC.

Becoming a licensed psychologist in the Philippines is a commendable goal that requires rigorous preparation. By understanding the application process, requirements, exam coverage, and schedule of the Psychologist Licensure Board Exam, you can position yourself for success in this vital profession. Achieving licensure not only validates your expertise but also empowers you to contribute to the understanding of the human mind and the well-being of individuals

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